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Nolvadex is a very important and potentially life-saving medication for many women who have had breast cancer or want to reduce their chances of getting it. Women who have undergone radiation therapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer are often prescribed this medication because of how effective it has been proven to be when it comes to preventing reoccurrences. This medication is taken orally and not all women should take it. Those who have a family history of breast cancer and want to prevent it should speak to a doctor about whether or not they are a good candidate for this medication.

Everyone who takes Nolvadex responds to the medication in a different way, as it does not always have the same effect for everyone. This medication is frequently used as a precautionary measure after radiation treatment for breast cancer has been completed or as a preventative measure if the person has a family history which predisposes them to the disease. Those who have breast cancer that has spread to other parts of their body may find that this medication can be effective at stopping the spread, though results are never guaranteed.

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There are certain side-effects associated with Nolvadex and it is important to know what they are. Some of the more common side-effects which people taking this medication have reported include nausea, muscle aches, leg cramps, hot flashes, headaches, and tingling in the skin. A vast majority of women who take this medication do not experience any serious side-effects, though there are some rare exceptions. It is important to notify a doctor immediately if you experience any problems with yellowing eyes/skin, persistent nausea/vomiting, or severe abdominal pain.

Allergic reactions to Nolvadex are fairly rare, however it is still crucial to seek immediate medical attention if you experience difficulty breathing, a rash, or swelling of tongue, throat, or face. This medication has helped countless women to beat breast cancer and has undergone rigorous trials and studies which confirm its ability to fight and even prevent cancer. Breast cancer is a very common disease and while most of the time it is treatable, there are always some exceptions. Those who have breast cancer as well as a history of blood clots or stroke may not be able to take this medication.

It is also important to tell your doctor about all of the medications you are currently on so you can ensure that there will not be any adverse interactions. This medication is also not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. And while there are minor side-effects from taking Nolvadex, it can be well worth it for many women who have breast cancer that has spread to other areas of their body or those who wish to prevent it altogether. Women who undergo surgery for breast cancer are also sometimes given this medication, and it has proven to be an effective drug for these purposes. You can discuss taking Nolvadex with your doctor to find out whether or not it is a good idea.


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